Entertainment Communications

Entertainment Communications

Instacomm Entertainment SOlutions

Radios and pagers that Increase efficiency and help the bottom line

From the spa to the theatre, and the golf course to the casino, Instacomm’s leading communications technology has got your back wherever you need it. With the help of our pagers and two-way radios, you can keep your staff connected at all times and your patrons happy and accounted for!

Enable fast and silent communications for all entertainment venue needs, such as notifying waiting customers, contacting and directing staff or security, and full-grounds communications. Instacomm products directly increase efficiency and improve customer service, keeping your operation running as smooth as ever.

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JTech pagers

Instacomm Paging systems
get the job done

Help staff or customers stay in touch, every step of the way.

DLR radios

Speed up your Communication with our Two-way radios

Connect your staff quickly and discreetly.

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