Automotive Communications

Automotive Communications

Instacomm automotive SOlutions

Radios and pagers that Increase efficiency and help your bottom line

Is your overhead paging system costing you customers?  Eliminate noisy overhead paging with Instacomm’s on-premise silent paging systems. With our communications expertise, you can:

  • Eliminate noisy overhead paging
  • Locate clients quickly
  • Reduce crowding at service advisor’s desk
  • Improve the atmosphere
  • Improve communication
  • Take your service department to the next level

Avoid long delays in locating customers, eliminate errors, and find your staff instantly when you need them.  Instacomm paging systems can be tailored for use with both service technicians and customers.  Give your customers that personal attention they desire, keep your staff in constant contact, and increase service turnaround, boosting your business’ efficiency and helping your bottom line.

JTech pagers

Instacomm Paging systems
get the job done

Help staff or customers stay in touch, every step of the way.

DLR radios

Speed up your Communication with our Two-way radios

Connect your staff quickly and discreetly.

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