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Guest & Staff Pager Systems
With our versatile Guest and Staff Pager Systems there are many applications for our products within your casino.

Poker Paging
:  Keep your poker room full!  Easily page the players when you have a spot open at one of your poker tables.  While they wait for a seat, your guests can move about the casino and be confident that they will not miss their place in line.  Have a tournament coming up and don't already own one of our systems?   We have rental systems available on a daily, weekend or on a monthy basis.  Our systems are delivered ready-to-use with no guesswork about setup or operation.

Restaurant & Dining Room Patron Paging:  Let the players keep on playing, and page them the moment you have a table open for them in your restaurant dining room.  This will keep your tables turning and your bottom line improving.  And your guests will feel they are getting the attention they deserve.

Server Paging:  This reliable system can easily support up to 24 servers.  Silently page a server the moment a meal is ready for one of their tables.  Servers can stay close to tables, and meals will be served hot!  Your dining room will operate like a well-oiled machine.

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