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  Golf Club

We have a whole lot of communications products for golf and country clubs!  Here's a list of products that can improve customer satisfaction, and increase efficiency while improving your bottom line.

On the 9th Tee, we have the Wireless CallBox for placing orders with your clubhouse, halfway house or beverage cart.  And, in an emergency, the CallBox can be a lifesaver should someone be injured or become ill.

In your dining room, silent Server Paging for staff can increase table turnarounds while allowing servers to give your customers the level of attention they desire.  Servers can remain close to tables until the kitchen pages to notify them that the meals are ready for pick-up.  Meals will be served hot off the grill, while your serving staff works like a well-oiled machine!

Wait List Pagers will improve tee time efficiency while giving your customers that extra level of personal attention.  Pagers are issued to arriving players, then your starter can page them a few minutes in advance of their start time.  Turnaround times will improve significantly, and your customers will appreciate a speedy start to their game. 

Instacomm also has a number of exceptional products for both management and security needs of any size of golf or country club.  Pagers with disposble or rechargeable batteries, and two way radios with accessories such as ear buds, headsets, holsters, heavy-duty batteries, repeaters, and antennas can increase efficiency and improve the bottom-line.

Instacomm has proven all of the products it recommends to customers in terms of overall quality, reliability and warranties.  We have tested the products over time under a variety of conditions, and our customers tell us that we have chosen the best for their specific needs from our many years of experience in the field.  Each of our customers has a specific need, and we endeavour to fill that need in the most cost-effective way possible with great products and exceptional customer service.
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