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Is your overhead paging system costing you customers?  Eliminate noisy overhead paging with Instacomm Canada's on-premise silent paging systems.  Silence can be golden!

Eliminate noisy overhead paging
Locate clients quickly
Reduce crowding at service advisor's desk
Improve the atmosphere
Improve communication
Take your service department to the next level

Avoid long delays in locating customers who have wandered away.  Eliminate errors through mispronunciation of names.  Find your staff instantly when you need them.  Our choices in paging systems can be tailored for use with both service technicians and customers.  Give your customers that personal attention they desire, keep your staff in constant contact, and increase service turnaround significantly resulting in a positive change in your bottom line.

Our products are carefully designed to provide more features at a competitive price.  Over time we have selected pagers and radios that provide greater versatility to perform the way you want.  Our customers have proven what works, and we pass the benefit of that experience on to you so you don't have to reinvent the wheel.  Our systems are delivered ready-to-use.  We have taken the guesswork out of setup and operation, and we carry only equipment that is built to last and that is backed by an industry leading warranty.

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